Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Say Goodbye Again...a poem

I originally wrote this poem in May of 2009. Now in 2012, I think it is as pertinent  as it was then. In memory of all those who served.
I wanted to write a poem especially for Memorial Day. I appreciate all of our troops around the world.  However, I also wanted to pay tribute to those who they left behind. This is something that all families can relate to no matter where they live in the world. This particular poem was inspired by my Maternal Grandfather who served in WWII (survived I might add) and left his family behind. It was also inspired by Mark's dad, Ralph R. who also served.

I Say Goodbye Again
By: Michelle R. aka Naila Moon of the Grey WolfI said goodbye to you
And kissed you on your cheek
You were off to war
And we couldn't hardly speak.

You told me not to worry
That you would be home soon
And you hoped some great guys
Would be in your platoon.

I got all your letters
And cherished each and every one
Just hoping for the day
That you could see
Your new born son.

Then one rainy morning
On a Sunday afternoon
I received a telegram
That told the story
Of your death too soon.

The purple heart arrived
In testament to your valor
I hold it close to me
And cry at this very hour.

For now, I must kiss you
And say goodbye again,
To my husband, my love,
And my eternal friend.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Turn Around...a story

I come from the Cherokee Nation and was inspired by the words "Turn Around" to write the following story. It is based off of some truths but is mostly fictional on my part.
I should say this is also based off of the truth of the Trail of Tears or as my people say, The Trail We Cried On.
Believe me when I say, I respect my people and respect what happened to them and remember with them.

 Please note: although right now I feel finished with the story as it is, I might in the future revamp it.
Peace-Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

Turn Around By Michelle R. aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf 

I tightly hugged the blanket that Grandfather, Winks At Rabbit, made for me. It was special and meant only for me to have. No one could possibly take this from me; I needed it as I would grow up to be woman.

Why did these men, these strangers want it? What would they do with it?  I was not sure.  

Sure enough, they took my blanket, ransacked our home and pushed us out the door. My mother, in native tongue begged them not to take us but yet, they did. Where were we going? Again, I was not sure. 

 It was cold out, for winter had already set it. We were given nothing and could take only little, which were mainly the clothes on our back.  The old and the young were pushed together. Some had no shoes, some were separated from family and all were pushed forward. I did not have my blanket.  

We were told that we would be going on a long journey, a journey of almost a thousand miles. This was a journey that would take us from our beloved lands, from our rivers, from our homes and from our ancestors. We were Cherokee and we would have to leave. We would have to walk and walk and walk.  

We walked upon the trail that was supposed to lead us to a new place. A place supposedly reserved for us to live. A place that was not our own. Many of my people could not take this journey and thousands died.  Grandfather, Winks At Rabbit was one of those, for he was very old.   We could not stop to mourn him for if we did, we would also soon die. 

I could not understand why we had to walk so far, why we had to starve. I asked my mother why we did not turn around and go back home.  She could not tell me for I was young and would not understand.  

So we kept walking and we cried.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

5 Little Pumpkins...a story in 100 words

Not my photo

5 Little Pumpkin
By MR aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

She was new to this gig and had to get this absolutely right. She would have to fly far just to find the right one. An important mission indeed and she couldn't screw it up.

It happened that she flew past Salem and landed in a lovely pumpkin patch. There she saw five beautiful specimens sitting in a row. 

“Ah, this one will work perfectly,” she thought, “It is nicely kissed.”

With all her might she took the pumpkin back to the shabby cottage and placed it carefully in the rocky driveway. Yes, the girl will have a lovely ride.


I wrote this story for Saturday Centus. The challenge was to write in 100 words using the photo prompt.
Jenny Matlock

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smashed Brain...a poem

Maze Brain Pictures, Images and Photos

Smashed Brain

By: Michelle R .......aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

My mind is clouded
With the things I have
Memories smashed
In the recesses of my brain.

They peek out on occasion
To tell a story
Of time,
Of place,
Of happiness,
Or sadness.

I never know
When they will appear.
And sometimes,
I am scared to think
They never will again.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Silent Cries...a poem

photo source

Silent Cries
By: Michelle R. aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

I awaken
At 3 AM
To the silent cries
That are within.

They are grounded,
Firmly in my heart
And cause deep pain.
That in turn,
Causes water to flow
To the surface.

I am caught
Within this,
And cannot sleep.

My pain
Is too great
As the moonlight
Wears on.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ode to the Mercury Cafe...a poem

The Mercury Cafe-my photo

Ode to the Mercury Cafe
By Michelle R aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

I have come to this
the Mercury Cafe,
to hear the likes
of John, Mary and Sue
or maybe Shakespear too.

I strain to listen
to those
on this stage
we could call

The prose pours forth
ticking away
at time.
The words
of hapiness
and wonder.

These words
shape us
and have meaning.

In the listening
we become better people
and possibly
a hope
for another.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Moon Magic & Satisfaction...two short poems

This was a challenge by a group I formerly belonged to called Poetry Posse. The type of poetry is called Alliteration.
Alliteration is the repeated consonant sound at the beginning of each word used. No vowels.  This was/is very different poetic writing for me but I took the challenge and ended up writing two as you will see below.

Moon Magic
By:Michelle R aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

Moon Magic
Magestically Manifested
Make me
By:Michelle R aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

Soulful songs
She sang
Silently sewing silk
Seeing stiches
Sewn straight
Sought satisfication.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Dance In the Moonlight...a poem for mature audience

Another Dance In the Moonlight

By: Michelle R. aka Naila Moon

Two heartbeats
Merge into one.
The rhythm,
Fever pitched.
Dancing in the darkness
The movement,
Entranced in the music
Eyes connecting
Bodies in motion.
The moonlight reveals,

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Raining...a poetic haiku

This is a repost challenge that I did to come up with a haiku based upon the photo provided (please note, this is not my photo).
  Haiku is a poetic form of poetry originating from the Japanese. Haiku themes include nature, emotions or experiences.  Haiku follows a specific form:
First line: 5 syllables, 2nd line 7 syllables, and 3rd line 5 syllables.
(2012 Note: I flubbed the haiku but like the result anyway)

Here is the photographic inspiration:

RainingBy: Michelle R...aka Naila Moon of the Gray Wolf
Sweet kisses upon my skin

Carefully enraptured in the dance of life

Rain pours forth in passion

Friday, October 19, 2012

Today Is A Brand New Day...a poem and photo

Today Is A Brand New Day
By Michelle R aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

Today is a brand new day.
I am here to walk with you on your way.
Help you,
Speak to you,
Give you a kind word,
Offer you advice,
And bring you some peace.

Today is a brand new day.
A hope
And a look at the future.
Be good to your self
And know
That tomorrow,
Is a brand new day!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Change...a poem

By Michelle R. aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

Change is comin',
This has promised to be true.
Change is comin',
Will it be in red?
Or is it in blue?

Change is comin',
Or so we've been told.
Change is comin',
They have put this out
All great big and bold!

Change is comin',
Oh, but we can't wait.
Change is comin'.
But is it really going to come
To the United States?

A Letter To My Husband...a poem

A Letter To My Husband
By: Your Wife and with love, Michelle, aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

My Dearest Husband,
Never in a million years
Did I think I would be here.

The Universe brought me
to the Mile High City
To be with you.

Who is warm and caring,
Who desires to be with

To dance,
In the moon's beams.
To trust,
To live,
And to be free
Of what haunts us.

It is me,
The woman,
Of many faceted sides,
That fits you
Like a puzzle piece
That has been missing.

The dance I have
Only grows stronger
With you.
And I
Were chosen to be

To live a life full
Of passion,
Of dreams,
Of truth.

I will
Love you today,
And always.

All my love,

Home...a poem and photo

By Michelle R. 
aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

Looking at me with a tear in his eye,

"Beautiful, isn't it?" he so cried.

With inward breath

I took in the view

A place of antiquity

A place now new.

Our home we had found

Home in which we were to slumber

Home with beautiful sunrise

Home with plenty of food in numbers.

For you see this home,

This beauty to behold

Was of the Earth

Not of stone.

The land was free

The red woods grew tall

This Earth,

This land,

Was free for us all.

I could not help

As I stood in this place,

To thank our Creator

For the loving grace.

The purity

And the love

That was shown

To the human race.

Example...a poem

"Do not wait for leaders;
do it alone, person-to-person."
- Mother Teresa (Albanian nun, 1910-1997)

By Michelle R. aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

Humbly she walked
Among the diseased
The wretched
The untouchables.

She walked
And prayed.

She made a difference
To the one
To the hundreds
To the thousands.

Is it in me?
That one lone person
To stand up
For humanity.

Is it in me?
To speak
For the hungry
For the dying
For the homeless
For peace?

Is her example in me?


Innocence...a poem

By: Michelle R. aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

Magical mysteries
Of a life once held.

And space.

In the Memories
Of time
Now lost.

In beauty of the mind
Of innocence.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Husband's Pet... a poem


Animals are such agreeable friends –
they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.

~ George Eliot
English novelist (1819 - 1880)

                              BONUS QUESTION: What was George Eliot’s real name?


My Husband's Pet
By:Michelle R...aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

My husband has a pet
He really is quite big
He tries to give him baths
But all his pet wants to do is dig.

His pet has torn up my carpets
And ate the curtains too
His pet wakes the neighbors
What is a wife to do?

My husband loves his pet
Which makes him quite giddy
But if he does not do something soon
To clean up all the mess
My husband may find himself sleeping on the sofa
So I can get some rest!

My Darling...a poem

My Darling
By Michelle R...Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

He is the one who loves Star Trek
And loves to drive me crazy 
But without him
I probably would
Be pushing up some daisies.

He is my darling
The one I met on line
To live my new found life 
And leave the old behind.
I suppose it is a no brain-er
Of whom he really is
He makes me laugh
He makes me smile
He is..
My best friend.

I love you and always want you to live "long and prosperous".

Magic...a poem to my husband

Magic ...dedicated to my husband, Mark
By Michelle R...aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

Magical words poured across
Your lips,
had come to knock
On the door of our lives.

Our eyes met
And we knew
That we would spend our life

Our song
Was played
And something
Was in the air.

I melted
In to a million pieces
As you held me
In your arms.

Has won.


By: Michelle R., aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

She was perfect for him.
Just the right size and oh, so hot!
Oh yes, definitely hot!
She was proportionately sized, tall but not too tall.
Her slender features were just perfect for holding and loving.
She had a silky, smooth look about her.
Chocolate loveliness for sure.
He could not wait to see her and caress her.

He showered and got dressed.
He wanted to look his best for her.
He was going to meet her downtown at one of the local main street shops.
As he arrived others were waiting.
The wait for her was much more agonizing.
Finally, within minutes...

The counter clerk yelled, "Tall latte with extra cream?"
She had arrived and now he was in heaven.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Words Are Puzzzling...a story (104 words only)

Words Are Puzzling
By MR aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

I sat across from him and watched him carefully. These were only brief periods of time that I was privy to. I knew not to disturb him because to do so would break his concentration. 

With his favorite pen poised in his hand, he wrote the words deliberately, only pausing momentarily to think upon one or another. The words flowed from him rather quickly and for that reason, I was so often amazed.

He looked up briefly, smiled at me and said, “Words are puzzling.”
He then returned to his diligent  and tedious work.
After all, Grandpa was the king of the crossword puzzles.

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Fiance...a story

My Fiance
By: MR aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf
Written June 16, 2012...All rights reserved

There he was,
he looked as fine as the last time I saw him.
My, that blond hair and those blue eyes.
Oh, he still makes me swoon.

He saw me from across the room
and started walking toward me.
That swagger of his,
that same confidence he always had,
yes, it was still there.

Oh my, what would I say to him.
Had it really been a decade since
he left me at the altar?
Yes, but still…
I wanted him so.

Just one little word from him and…
Here he comes closer!

Hello, been a long time.
Let me introduce you to my husband.

Jenny Matlock

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Having It All?...a story (106 words only)

Image source

Having It All?
By: MR aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf
All rights reserved June 10, 2012

I am dragging my bag a little bit slower today.
It seems so much heavier than the day before.
Why wouldn’t it be? After all, I hit the mother load of dumpsters, cleaned the place out before the rest of them got their grubby hands on it. 

 I am going slower. 

Maybe it’s because I keep hearing his voice ringing in my ears from all the times he slapped me. 

“You could have had it all!” he’d say.

God, how I despise him! Oh, how I did love him…at least, in the beginning.
I am on the streets now and no longer afraid.

I am free.

Authors note: This story is fictional in nature and fortunately for me not one I have had to endure. However, there are many women in this country and around the world that have endured physical abuse, mental abuse or both.
If you are in these kinds of situations, please seek help. There is a national hotline number for the U.S.: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
~Naila Moon

 Jenny Matlock