Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dressed for Success...a story

image prompt for Saturday Centus
Dressed for Success
By MR...Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf
Written May 31, 2012...All right reserved

She was dressed for the occasion
Her old stand-by, blue, striped dress
And her brand new gold shoes.

She was dressed to kill.
Not too much,
To look better than the bride was uncouth.

She was there to glimmer,
To shine with those shoes.
Her dress fit her body in all the right places
Swinging happily at her knees.

She was sure to turn heads
Subtly she would
Rope them all in.

Her husband  to be
Was among this crowd for sure.

From this dream she awoke
And realized she was only 13
And had to go to school.

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Remembrance of story written for Saturday Centus

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Remembrance of Chaos
Written by: MR aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf
May 19, 2012
All rights reserved.

The first fireball had been seen early in the morning.
Then another.
More chaos and unbelief.

Frantic calls.
People running.
People glued to the TV.
Emergency vehicles everywhere.


A husband and father heard to say, “Let’s roll!”
Another, “…three of us are going to do something about it.”

More grief.

An eerie quiet fell upon the cities.
In a hush that had not happened since Kennedy died.

Rescue and hope began,
As silent tears fell for people unknown.

The world seemed in chaos now.
What to do? 
Where to go?
Are we safe?
Questions unanswered.

New world born.


This is my story written in response to the picture prompt given as above and for the new meme I found who's blog button is below.
The two people I mention in this story deserve to be recognized for their words and the heroism...Todd Beamer and Tom Burnette Jr. 
I wish to say that all those who perished that fateful day are never forgotten and you too are also heroes in my book.
~Naila Moon

Jenny Matlock

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wounded...a poem

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By: MR/Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf
Written May 16, 2012......All rights reserved

Tension raised
Heads bashing together
Fiery tempers draw breaths.

Time lost
Relationships broken 
And gone.

A wounded life
Moving forward
Without the meaningful ones.

Where is the peace?