Saturday, February 16, 2013

Preparations For Critical Mass...story in 105 words

Preparations For Critical Mass
By MR...aka Naila Moon 2013

It seemed like eons since the announcement was first made.

All the preparations to produce this one event. Would all of that be worth it?

Would everybody that was being counted on be in their correct positions when the time came for it all to happen?

The truth was, she wasn't sure.

Now, it was here.

If just one person didn't come through for her it would be on her shoulders alone. How would she possibly be able to do it.

She tried desperately to push those thoughts aside as she calmly picked up the phone.

“ I've officially reached critical mass, my water has broken.”

My daughter at 35 weeks

My daughter and grandson. (He is now 2 months old)

Jenny Matlock
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Friday, February 15, 2013

I Am Human...a poem

I Am Human
By MR aka Naila Moon 2013

I cry with a inconsolable innocence
Longing to be held
By someone who wants me.

People pass by
Either not noticing
Or not caring
That I exist
In this cold, damp world.

Won't you love me?
My eyes cry out.

Won't you take me home
To a place
That I can call my own.
Out of slavery,
Out of depression,
Out of oppression,
Out of fear.

I need love
And warmth
And compassion.

I beg of you,
I am human.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lost Passion...a poem

Lost Passion
By MR...aka Naila Moon

My darling
I long for your touch
Just for a moment
Between us.

I hope for a flicker
Of your love for me.
A kiss
An embrace
A desire
That you want me.

It never comes

I feel
Less hopeful.

No peace
To calm
The flames
Of my heart.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

As If It Was Yesterday...a poem

As If It Was Yesterday
By MR aka Naila Moon 
Feb. 5, 2013

It seems like eons since you last left me
With a final breathe of

I saw you leave
Quietly you left
Never to return.

I was broken then
Lost in my guilty feelings
Lost in confusion
Lost in isolation
Just simply

How was I ever able
To be whole again?

How was I ever able
To pick up the pieces you left behind?

Why could I have just not been less angry
Or resentful
Or just hoping
That you loved me
Like you loved the others.


In the end
It came down to you
And me.

In the end
After everything was said
And done.

I miss you more
Than you could ever have imagined.
And love you
As if,
It was just yesterday.