Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Special Letter to Santa...a poem

A Special Letter to Santa

Oh my dear Santa Claus
You bring such Christmas joy
To almost every girl and every boy.

My entire life I have believed in you
It really is true
But there are some
That really, really
Do not know about you.

They are the lost
The ones that are losing hope
They need you dear Santa
Just so they can cope.

I am writing you this letter
Not for me you see
But just for those boys and girls
That need to believe like me.

So, Santa,  just one more final thought
If it is not too much trouble for you,
Please remember to spread your magic
To those who have greater wishes
All the year through.

Poem Written by:MR aka Naila Moon of the Greywolf
Original posting December 18, 2008 
Reposted for Blogger post : December 7, 2011