Saturday, August 29, 2015

Writing Her Heart Out...A Story in 100 Words

Writing Her Heart Out
by MR aka Naila Moon
All rights reserved August 2015

Leslie looked down at the paper in front of her. It was a blank sheet staring at her, begging her to put pen to paper. The blue lines were meshing into each other; they blurred and twisted wildly, fighting for attention.

Panic rose up in side of Leslie’s throat, squeezing the air she was trying to breathe. Her thoughts consumed her as she tapped her pen against her flushed cheek.

"What do I do?" she thought.

She had pulled an all-nighter before this big day. She knew the material. She began to write the essay with all her heart.


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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Unfair...a poem

By MR aka Naila Moon
All rights reserved 
June 2015

I am a mess of flesh,
supposedly written
before I had the chance
to decide.

Unfair it seems.

I am riddled with dreams
of the past
but not
of the future.

They haunt me
and I do not

Unfair it seems.

What am I to do?

Unfair it seems.

Yet, here I sit
with it all.
Waiting for
the next step
to happiness again.

Unfair it seems.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

#Fi50 Kernel of Truth...Fiction in 50 Words CHallenge

Kernel of Truth
by MR aka Naila Moon
All rights reserved  March 29, 2015

He scoured the paper with wide open eyes. 

He flipped each page carefully as if it was silk being run through his fingers.

"Huh!" he'd exclaim as the next page filled his brain. "Is there a kernel of truth in this?"

Headline: Green baby alien born to New Jersey couple.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sincerely Yours...50 Words Challenge #Fi50


Our life together has been, shall we say, interesting.

Waking up next to you with that green stuff on your face and curlers in your hair has been fabulous. I was in awe of it.

But now, I am seeing someone who actually shaves her legs.

Sincerely yours,

Red Faced... a poem

Red Faced

by MR/aka Naila Moon
All rights reserved 2015

Gently I looked out my window onto the horizon.

There I saw her,
hair dirty,
clothes unkempt,
and holes in her blue jean pockets.

She was just a wisp of a thing.
She moved slowly.
the world was bearing down on her shoulders.

I watched her.
Children ran by,
cars avoided her,
and people walked by
not noticing.

Or did they?

I did,
and my face went red,
the heat bellowing,
to the depths
of my soul.

It hurt me to know
that this woman,
this lost soul,
was looking for food,
in my garbage container
just outside my window.

It hurt me to know
that she just wanted someone
to see her,
to notice her,
as they ran by,
not caring,

I did.
I cared.

But by the time I took
she was gone.

Life had moved on
for her.

For me,
time stood still
for a moment.

Once again,
my face went red,
as I realized,
I have a good life.

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Dawning Realisation...In 50 Words #Fi50

A Dawning Realisation
by MR aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf 
Jan. 23, 2015
All Rights Reserved

Quietly contemplating the entire situation, she hoped to gain some momentum to stand up. She nursed her bruised arm as she held it close. Her face began to swell as blood ran down her neck. In that dawning realisation, she knew he would never touch her again or die trying!