Saturday, February 16, 2013

Preparations For Critical Mass...story in 105 words

Preparations For Critical Mass
By MR...aka Naila Moon 2013

It seemed like eons since the announcement was first made.

All the preparations to produce this one event. Would all of that be worth it?

Would everybody that was being counted on be in their correct positions when the time came for it all to happen?

The truth was, she wasn't sure.

Now, it was here.

If just one person didn't come through for her it would be on her shoulders alone. How would she possibly be able to do it.

She tried desperately to push those thoughts aside as she calmly picked up the phone.

“ I've officially reached critical mass, my water has broken.”

My daughter at 35 weeks

My daughter and grandson. (He is now 2 months old)

Jenny Matlock
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  1. the best kind of critical mass...

  2. Interesting, but a strange ending. Or perhaps I was expecting something completely different. None the less, it was an interesting story.

  3. Congratulations with such a lovely surprise at the end. By the way , my water broke early with three of my babies. Critical mass indeed!

  4. LOL, loved this. I loved the surprise ending (at least for me, ha)
    Great job.

  5. Now is is my most favorite kind of critical mass ever! Welcome sweet baby!

  6. I agree with Karen on this. It's a critical mass worth waiting for!!

  7. I have never experienced the waters breaking with 4 babies .
    Good take on prompt

  8. What a fabulously creative use of 'critical mass'.

    Your grandson is absolutely adorable!

    I can see how he lights up your world!

    Lovely writing!