Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dressed for Success...a story

image prompt for Saturday Centus
Dressed for Success
By MR...Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf
Written May 31, 2012...All right reserved

She was dressed for the occasion
Her old stand-by, blue, striped dress
And her brand new gold shoes.

She was dressed to kill.
Not too much,
To look better than the bride was uncouth.

She was there to glimmer,
To shine with those shoes.
Her dress fit her body in all the right places
Swinging happily at her knees.

She was sure to turn heads
Subtly she would
Rope them all in.

Her husband  to be
Was among this crowd for sure.

From this dream she awoke
And realized she was only 13
And had to go to school.

Jenny Matlock


  1. Naila! Loved this!

    I totally did not see the twist coming!

    What beautiful writing.

    This was my favorite link to SC this week!

  2. Sneaky! I was expecting an adult. Very good Naila!~Ames