Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Say Goodbye Again...a poem

I originally wrote this poem in May of 2009. Now in 2012, I think it is as pertinent  as it was then. In memory of all those who served.
I wanted to write a poem especially for Memorial Day. I appreciate all of our troops around the world.  However, I also wanted to pay tribute to those who they left behind. This is something that all families can relate to no matter where they live in the world. This particular poem was inspired by my Maternal Grandfather who served in WWII (survived I might add) and left his family behind. It was also inspired by Mark's dad, Ralph R. who also served.

I Say Goodbye Again
By: Michelle R. aka Naila Moon of the Grey WolfI said goodbye to you
And kissed you on your cheek
You were off to war
And we couldn't hardly speak.

You told me not to worry
That you would be home soon
And you hoped some great guys
Would be in your platoon.

I got all your letters
And cherished each and every one
Just hoping for the day
That you could see
Your new born son.

Then one rainy morning
On a Sunday afternoon
I received a telegram
That told the story
Of your death too soon.

The purple heart arrived
In testament to your valor
I hold it close to me
And cry at this very hour.

For now, I must kiss you
And say goodbye again,
To my husband, my love,
And my eternal friend.

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