Sunday, September 16, 2012

Words Are Puzzzling...a story (104 words only)

Words Are Puzzling
By MR aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

I sat across from him and watched him carefully. These were only brief periods of time that I was privy to. I knew not to disturb him because to do so would break his concentration. 

With his favorite pen poised in his hand, he wrote the words deliberately, only pausing momentarily to think upon one or another. The words flowed from him rather quickly and for that reason, I was so often amazed.

He looked up briefly, smiled at me and said, “Words are puzzling.”
He then returned to his diligent  and tedious work.
After all, Grandpa was the king of the crossword puzzles.

Jenny Matlock


  1. love it. pictured my girls watching their grandfather...

  2. I can picture the point of view from a little girl or boy, great tale and great use of the prompt.

  3. I loved this. I loved the surprise ending! Nicely done!!

  4. Hahahaha! Naila, this is just great! A perfect Centus!!

  5. And my mom is the queen!

    Creative take on the prompt.


  6. Oh this was fun! Sue took the words right out of my mouth...but I can bet my mother may even have topped her in her day.....! :)

  7. Naila. Love this twist.

    I didn't see this direction coming at all.

    I was thinking novelist.

    What a clever writer you are.