Wednesday, October 17, 2012


By: Michelle R., aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf

She was perfect for him.
Just the right size and oh, so hot!
Oh yes, definitely hot!
She was proportionately sized, tall but not too tall.
Her slender features were just perfect for holding and loving.
She had a silky, smooth look about her.
Chocolate loveliness for sure.
He could not wait to see her and caress her.

He showered and got dressed.
He wanted to look his best for her.
He was going to meet her downtown at one of the local main street shops.
As he arrived others were waiting.
The wait for her was much more agonizing.
Finally, within minutes...

The counter clerk yelled, "Tall latte with extra cream?"
She had arrived and now he was in heaven.

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