Monday, May 23, 2016

Our Libraries...A thoughtful story

Our Libraries
By: Michelle R aka Naila Moon

                                         It is said, "When someone dies a library is burnt."

I was 33 years old. A young, single, hard-working mom of two.  I had a decent job in a busy, bustling home care agency in Missouri.
Over the years, I had heard of special clients who had passed on.  I even had my own share of special people who had died in my life. I watched my Paw-Paw for weeks die right before my eyes.  I saw both of my Great-Grandmothers, an uncle, and two close friends and just last year my beloved Grandma and my Dad.  However,  through all of that, nothing would prepare me for the events and the silence that followed, that occurred on September 11, 2001.

                                          It is said, " When someone dies a library is burnt."

I had more than once used this phrase before. I had even meditated on its meaning but on September 11th the meaning became all too clear.  The meaning took on something huge! Something, that even after I sit here and write these words, I simply could not fathom was happening.  For those of us that were able to remember, we saw right before our eyes 3000 plus people perish before us. We saw New York in flames.  Was this New York's libraries burning of those 3000 plus people?  Maybe that is so.
My question is were they forgotten?  I do not think so, but their knowledge, their infectious smiles, their laughter, their entire being is gone.  The meaning is there: in other words each of their libraries was perished in that fateful loss.

So here it is, eleven years later, We as a people have taken more books off our own shelves. We have learned, we have grown and we are stronger.  We also, do not forget so easily. Well, at least I don't.
I know one thing is for sure. I will never again walk in to or see a library the same way. I will not see the rows upon rows of books and not think of all those men, women and children.

                                       Yes, your libraries have been burnt but you are not forgotten!

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