Wednesday, September 11, 2013

.A Nation Wept...In Memory of Sept. 11th

A Nation Wept
In Memory of Sept. 11th
By Michelle R. aka Naila Moon
copyright Sept. 11, 2013/All rights reserved

A nation wept

The Mothers
The Fathers
The Children
The Unborn.

A nation wept

The tears of horror
The tears of loss
The tears of fear
The tears of unbelief.

A nation wept

In huddles
In aloneness
In solitude
In mass.

A nation wept

Moments of brokenness
Moments of insecurity
Moments of anger
Moments of togetherness.

A nation wept

Then bolstered
Then resolved
Then rebuilt
Then remembered.

A nation wept no more.

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  1. Very powerful poem and well said. Simple but well versed.