Monday, May 2, 2011

My Mother's Sadness...a poem

Photo from Bing Images (not my own)

My Mother’s Sadness

I saw sadness in her eyes that I had never seen before.
A longing for something that was not there.
A lost dream of a time when life was pure,
And joyful.
Now, it was gone.
Gone only to memory,
To a place that only she could visit.
A place that was no more
Nor in this life time.
I wanted to cry with her,
Comfort her pain,
Take it away from her,
But all I could do,
Was just be there
And wallow in the tears that were hidden from me.

Written By MR
aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf
May 2, 2011
All rights reserved


  1. I can understand and relate to this It is honest, heartfelt and beautiful. I hope you share this with your mother, I know she would appreciate this, especially now. With love and respect from your husband Tamirisc aka MGR