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Life's Image... a story

Life’s Image

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Jan 12, 1968
Rubbing her tummy the woman says, “Honey, I really think we need to get to the hospital. You see our baby right here. She wants to come into the world right now! “

Jan 12, 1973
Look at me Mommy. Do I look pretty for my 5th birthday? I brushed my curly brown hair. Did I do a good job? Am I getting lots of presents? I want to be a teacher when I grow up. Daddy picked my dress out, do you like it Mommy?

Jan 12, 1978
Mom says Uncle Jim is coming over today to have my 10th birthday party with me.   I think I am going to give him one of these funny hats Mom bought for me. I know he will wear it, he always does.  He always jokes with me and tells me that he is still mad at me for not being born on his birthday. He said I was just being stubborn and came out a day later.  I guess we can blow out candles together again.

Jan 12, 1988
Wow, look at us, my beautiful new daughter and me a new wife.  I cannot believe I am only 20 today and I have this beautiful child. Yes, I think I agree, her eyes do look like mine. They are dark and mysterious.  Mom gave me some money for my birthday. I suppose I will have to use it and go buy her some diapers.

Jan 12, 1998
Oh my, is this really me? Am I really 30?  Where has the time gone?
Oh my gosh! My hair has streaks of gray in it. Oh, I wish I was 20 pounds lighter. I hate how I look. I wonder, will anyone ever love me again with the way I look? I am never looking in a mirror again!  

Jan 12, 2008
Wow, I am 40 today.  I hope my makeup looks right. My daughter has this surprise party for me that I am not supposed to know about and I want to look just right.  Life has been kind of tough up until now. I have had heart ache and joy in this many years.  So many people I know that are my same age are lamenting over becoming 40.  I can’t! In fact I am rejoicing in this.  My children are grown and I have done the best I could by them. Now, it is my time. It is my time to live my life and enjoy it.  I get to start a new chapter in life and I certainly still have a whole lot of life to live. Happy birthday to me!

Post Script: Jan. 12, 2011
Here it is my 43rd birthday and oh how far I have come. Most all of the events I wrote about above are true. Since 2008 when I originally wrote this, I have since been married to the love of my life, Tamirisc and we recently celebrated out 2nd anniversary. I also am now a grandmother to the sweetest and adorable grand-daughter ever. I am a truly blessed woman and could not be happier.
Originally Written by MR ...aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf on January 12, 2008
Rewritten on January 12, 2011
all rights reserved

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  1. What a wonderful post! It made me look back at my life at different stages. Happy birthday and Happy anniversary!!