Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Love...a poem


By Michelle Hudson aka Naila Moon

copyright April 12, 2021

Love is speaking ,

 Healing my hurt heart.

 It is flooding open wide.

 I can't figure it out.

 I knew you were playing me before,

 But I could not let go of you.

 Then you changed in an instant. 

A heart began to see me.

Bleeding open wide.

Your love grows immeasurable.

A heart needing oneness

With me.

You are longing for

My touch.

A sweetness

That will take us

To the moon and back.

You want to bathe

In the glow of my love.

Have I been foolish

To let you in to my heart so soon?

I hope not,

Because I want you,

I crave you,

I need you,

To be mine.

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