Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Love...a poem


By Michelle Hudson aka Naila Moon

copyright April 12, 2021

Love is speaking ,

 Healing my hurt heart.

 It is flooding open wide.

 I can't figure it out.

 I knew you were playing me before,

 But I could not let go of you.

 Then you changed in an instant. 

A heart began to see me.

Bleeding open wide.

Your love grows immeasurable.

A heart needing oneness

With me.

You are longing for

My touch.

A sweetness

That will take us

To the moon and back.

You want to bathe

In the glow of my love.

Have I been foolish

To let you in to my heart so soon?

I hope not,

Because I want you,

I crave you,

I need you,

To be mine.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Sadness Over What Could Have Been...a poem

Sadness Over What Could Have Been

A poem by Michelle H. aka Naila Moon copyrighted 3/21/2021

I had hoped to hear from you,



You seem to have become,

A ghost. 

I hate this wedge,

The one that got driven,

Over a misunderstanding?

I don't think so,

Maybe I have been fooling myself. 

I wanted this to be real.

I wanted you to be real.

Not someone trying to gain...




A good laugh,

At my expense?

I want to believe that,

You desire me,

Want to have me.

Live a possible life,


But no.

It looks like,

You probably


For that,

I am,


Saturday, January 9, 2021

I Say Goodbye Again...a reposted poem #SepiaSaturday #mypoetry #telegrams


I Say Goodbye Again

By: Michelle H. aka Naila Moon 

Copyrighted 2009-All rights reserved

NOTE: This is a repost from a poem I wrote in 2009. It fits this vintage photo I found online in the public commons section.

I said goodbye to you
And kissed you on your cheek
You were off to war
And we couldn't hardly speak.

You told me not to worry
That you would be home soon
And you hoped some great guys
Would be in your platoon.

I got all your letters
And cherished each and every one
Just hoping for the day
That you could see
Your new born son.

Then one rainy morning
On a Sunday afternoon
I received a telegram
That told the story
Of your death too soon.

The purple heart arrived
In testament to your valor
I hold it close to me
And cry at this very hour.

For now, I must kiss you
And say goodbye again,
To my husband, my love,
And my eternal best friend.

I cannot imagine ever having to receive one of these.

Unfortunately, my grandparents did. It was about my uncle who was serving in the Peace Corp. He did not want to go into the military like his brothers but still wanted to serve his country.  I never got to meet him for he died serving just before my parents were married.

Here are some other ones I found.

Opened Door...a poem

Opened Door
By Me, Michelle H. aka Naila Moon
copyrighted 1/9/2021
All rights reserved

I opened the door and asked you to come in
But you were not there.

An emptiness enveloped me
Before I could close it again.

Loneliness of time gone by
Broke me in half.





All gone
Within a whoosh.

I looked for help to the walls of my room
But nothing struck back at me.




I grasped the door knob
Hoping for some relief from the pain.





But in the end
I will close the door.

And start over.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Double Decker Woes by Michelle H. #SepiaSaturday #FlashFliction

Oh, I am so late, so, so late. It figures the bus is crowed. Maybe I can get a seat up top. Why oh, why did my meeting have to go on so long? She'll forgive me for being late. I wonder what we will have for dinner?

At least Mr. Giles liked my art work. Hopefully, I can start the project before the baby comes. Margaret has not been on the nest too long, it is possible.  Maybe I should design something for the nursery. Yes, she would like that.

Oh, this bus! Where did all these people come from anyway? We aren't on holiday.
I have to purchase a ticket. Wallet, wallet, where is my wallet? Oh yes, it is in the case with my drawings.

Get it together man! I won the project and have a baby coming, but the pressure, it is already killing me. I can do this. I know I can!

But, first, I need to get on the damnable bus!

NOTE: The photo is not mine and is a prompt for this piece of fiction that is. This is my first entry for a series I found called, Sepia Saturday. I hope you enjoyed the flash fiction. ~Michelle H. 8/24/2020
All rights reserved.
More double deckers: Look at these racing ones! I do not know who to credit the photo to. It was found on Pinterest.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Scared...A poem

A Poem by Michelle (Hudson) Richards
Previously undated or posted
All rights reserved 2020

The moon is my muse
and darkness my guide.

I am swept into the abyss
as the pen glides across
the life beats of my heart.

Echos of sanity is near
but too far for me
to reach out and touch them.

I can only see the unknown
and it scares me.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

December Winds...a poem

December winds
Blow in today
Bring cold
And snow
And actually,
Love my way.

For the most holy
Of holy
Special Days
The Creator gave me
Yet another gift this day.

For you see
This December
Christmas Day,
I married the love of my life
In a most special way.

I could not have asked
For a better gift
Than to spend
My life
With a man
Such as this.
To my husband on our 1st Anniversary, December 25, 2009.  I love you.